Finance and Warranty

We are a full licensed credit broker and are able to provide full finance facilities for all of the vehicles we supply.

Ways to fund your next purchase through Auto Centre Inverurie-

Hire Purchase (HP)

Hire Purchase (HP) is one of the most popular ways of financing your vehicle. You normally pay an initial deposit followed by monthly payments and, when all the payments are made, the car is yours.


  • You’ll be able to drive away with a car you wouldn’t be able to afford to buy outright.
  • You’ll pay less overall to own the car than with other deals such as Personal Contract Purchase (PCP).
  • Once you’ve made your final payment you own the car.

Things to bear in mind

  • Monthly payments will be higher than with other deals such as PCP.
  • You won’t be able to sell the car without settling the finance.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

With Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) You’ll usually pay an initial deposit, followed by monthly payments. A Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) – ‘balloon payment’ – is also initially calculated which is the car’s expected value when your payments end. Once your payments are finished, you’ll have three options:

1. Buy the car by paying the final payment

2. Hand the car back

3. Part exchange for a newer car


  • The monthly payments are usually lower than HP, which gives you access to high spec models.
  • If you decide not to buy the car, you can still walk away when you've made all the monthly payments.
  • You can drive away with a New or Almost new car which will carry more manufacturers warranty giving you more peiece of mind

Things to bear in mind

  • If you want to buy your car, PCP is slightly more expensive than an HP agreement.
  • You don’t fully own the car until the final payment is made.
  • You’re limited to the initial agreed mileage – a charge is made per mile you go over in the event you hand the car back at the end of the term