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When it comes to purchasing your new car our aim at AutoCentre Inverurie Ltd is to ensure all our customers are fully informed of the different finance options available to them.

We are proud to be partners of leading finance providers such as Northridge and Mann Island Finance who are both at the forefront of vehicle finance.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer very competitive finance rates and finding a bespoke solution to suit individual needs in order to help fund the purchase of your next car in the most cost-effective manner.

We can offer the following finance packages.

Hire Purchase

The most simple and straight-forward agreement is ‘hire purchase’ where you pay fixed monthly payments in order to spread the cost of purchasing a car over several years. The benefits of this agreement are that deposits are flexible whilst having fixed rates and payments make budgeting a whole lot easier. Terms available upon from 12 – 60 months, written quotations available on request.

Personal Contract Purchase

With PCP the lender calculates the future value of the vehicle based on the stated annual mileage and market value data. This value is offset as a final payment due at the end of the term (normally 36 or 48 months) the monthly payments are then calculated on the remaining balance after any initial deposit amount is deducted.
At the end of the term when the final payment is due there are three options,
1) Hand the car back to the finance company and walk away
2)Make the final payment and keep the car or
3)Part exchange the car incorporating the final settlement in the new vehicle purchase.

Whichever type of agreement you choose our aim at AutoCentre is to provide a solution which puts you into the best possible position should you wish to change your car during the agreement or at the end of the agreement as we want to secure more business with you in the future and build long-standing relationships with all our clients.

Please fill out the form below and our finance team will aim to come back to you within 24 hours


Since opening in 2005 we have only ever offer ScotSure warranties with our vehicles, ScotSure are owned and administered by the Scottish Motor Trade Association which we are privileged to be a member of.

All our vehicles which are no longer covered by manufactures warranty received a minimum of six months comprehensive ScotSure warranty, please ask for full details.

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